Why You Should NOT Make New Year Resolutions

Another day, another year.

In the early teens, I was very excited in making new year resolutions. I was determined and resolved to fulfill my hopes and dreams with the action of putting in place resolutions, and every year, there were 10 resolutions made. Over the years however, these resolutions remains unresolved, least of all because I forget them before the first month had passed! How many of you actually keep and fulfill all your resolutions?

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Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT be making any resolution this 2019. Let’s admit it, it will likely  not come through.

1. Resolutions are just comfort words you tell yourself.

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… and it is as good as comfort food.

Yes this is true, you tell yourself you will fulfill them, that you will lose those extra pounds, achieve that monetary goal, get yourself a new car…

2. The word “Resolution” is too long to be a proper goal.

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Call a spade, a spade. You don’t call it a scissors. So should resolutions. Turned them into a more focus and “solidifiable” idea, like a GOAL. One word, one syllable.

3. Pitfalls of a wishing resolution.

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And you end up wishing for it to happen, rather than MAKING it happen.

4. Courting depression.

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You got that right. Your little mind will shame yourself when you don’t get that which you wish for, multiply by every day of the year that pass, and you have a minor depression in the making. It’s that serious.

5. Resolution is yesterday. Live in the present.

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That’s the new dawn m’lady. I hereby resolve to not have any more resolutions. When you have to live present moment, you act and think for now. And when next year comes, you can look back the whole of this past year and say “Now, didn’t I  just fufill all the resolutions that I wanted to wish for.” Well ain’t that something.

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