Gasing Hill

Top things to do on a weekend morning

Take a hike on Gasing Hill

Head on over early in the morning, and you will find you have a longer Saturday!

Federal Highway
No jam! Its nice to drive on federal highway when the roads are clear

Unfortunately so does the many other hikers of the hill, so parking can get pretty challenging.

Parking at Gasing Hill
You can park your car here, but its very limited. Most people park by the side of the road, but make sure its on the left side, otherwise you may get a parking ticket!
Gasing Hill
Welcome to Gasing Hill

Let’s begin!

There are many routes to walk around Gasing Hill, some are more steep with steps, some are milder.

A sample route map. Credit: runhikeasia

I have not actually tried to follow any route maps before, usually coming here tagging behind my parents. They know the hills like the back of their palm!

Gasing Hill
Photographers come here too to take pictures of the lush flora and fauna.

Many thanks to all the uncles and aunties, many of these old timers actually maintain the forest by themselves, each contributing bit by bit to make this a as hiker-friendly as possible. We once met an uncle who asked us hikers to help him pass along some bricks for one of the trails!

Today we did a “gentler” route, taking us to to another exit – Kerinchi park. Actually, we kind of stumble onto this exit. But this route really is gentler on the knees, lesser steps to climb on.

Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi
The other side of Gasing Hill, named Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi

Newly made concrete bridge for your photo op!

Photo Op - Hanging bridge
Hanging bridge between Taman Rimba and Gasing Hill

Continue with hike.

One of the routes at gasing hill
One of the routes at gasing hill Credit: thestar

Whatever route you take, don’t be shy to ask if you’re lost, most hikers are more than happy to guide you! Also, if you tired, its ok to call it quits, then you can come back again another day to give it a go!

After all that hard work, J and I pat ourselves on the back and proceed to our next destination.

2. Breakfast at Raju – you deserve it after that hike!

Delicious food inside. Beware MBPJ issue summons too even on weekends!
Fried sotong with onions
Best sotong ever! Or calamari.

You can order the usual roti canai or thosai, but you must definitely at least try their fried food, especially this awesome plate of sotong! I think it was about RM9.00 for 100 grams.

And now you can go back and continue sleeping, knowing that you’ve exercise well today!

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