Tsukiji Market


This was perhaps one of the most exciting part of food trip. J and I didn’t join in the auction, as we read online some people were queuing up from 1.30am(!!!) just to catch the last auction before the market shifts to its current new site Toyosu. We need our Zzzs. When we got off the train station, we found ourselves among the trucks and speedy little forklifts, workers running around in boots and cleaning up. But no fish! We thought we got the wrong memo and got off the wrong place. As we walk along the slightly wet but clean roads, we found ourselves among some small rows of shops, with tourists queuing up to eat the fresh sea catches of the day. Ah yes, we’ve are at the right place!

Tsukiji – Long queues at restaurants for the freshest catch of the day.

Eating – As fresh as it gets

We read online there are several shops that are more popular than others, true enough some shops had super long queues, an acquaintance we knew of queued for at least 2.5 hours! That’s a bit too long for food for us. We found a shop that had a relatively shorter queue, which we thought also probably because of its location, as it was the third or fourth row.

Sushi - Salmon + Sea Urchin
Delicious plate of salmon and sea urchin sushi *drool
Fresh salmon sashimi
Sushi galore! Top plate – tried different types of eels; bottom plate – scallop sushi was fantastic!!

The food was excellent, but quite expensive. This is an excellent place to try out, but maybe not for seconds. There are many restaurants in Tokyo that buys the freshest seafood from the auction, not necessarily the restaurants around Tsukiji. We queued for about 30-40 minutes, which now that I’m typing it out it does seem quite a fair bit of time to queue for food! The sashimi were fresh, the sea urchin was delicious, and the raw scallop was amazing! The soup of the day was salmon miso, its was the first time we tried it as usual Japanese cuisine restaurants serves plain miso soup.

Salmon fish miso
Warm and flavourful salmon miso soup.

This was absolutely delicious!!!

Cheaper sashimi in markets

Next we decided to head into Ginza town. As we walk on, we found ourselves a nice lovely air-conditioned market! It was so clean, there wasn’t any fishy smell at all. If you have an opportunity to stay at an airbnb nearby, please come here and buy the sashimi and fruits. These are so much cheaper than the restaurants. We had sashimi for ¥2,500 – ¥5,000, but these in the market was selling at less than ¥1,000!! Real bargain. If its not because we had to go on elsewhere, I would’ve bought the sashimi for breakfast lunch and dinner the next day.

Market at Tsukiji
Cleanest market in the world.

Town of food and snacks

As we move on towards the shopping area of Ginza, we came across the food area. Rows and rows of small specialty shops and food, even more than when we first arrived! As we were really quite full, we only managed to eat lighter finger food like grilled crab, which was really deliciously naturally sweet and fresh. You can literally live and eat here all day.

Grilled crab
Crab of the day!
Grilling seafood
Sea urchin… crab… oysters…

You can buy some dried sea produce here such as dried scallop as the prices are quite reasonable. They make pretty good food souvenir gifts too!

There’s also a small shop that sells bowls, cups and plate for as low as ¥99. We didn’t get them as much as we want to, as it would be pretty heavy to bring it around as we explore Ginza. There are more clean air-conditioned markets around this area as well. It is a really good place to explore in the morning, before heading on for shopping at Ginza.

Tsukiji market
Variety of food and snacks can be found here!

I’m not sure if the eateries will still be here, or if business owners will decide to follow the market and shift to Toyosu eventually. Otherwise, do drop by in the morning with an empty stomach! You will not go hungry.

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